Yogic Life Coaching

Ready to live your best life?

Growth is not linear, it is a beautiful mess.  We spend much of our lives expending energy, working too much, running ourselves ragged – essentially living from a space and mindset of lack.  With our attention focussed on doing more, being more, and having more –  we spend far too little time cultivating our inner lives or supporting the patterns and habits which maintain or grow our energy.

Within each of us lies innate wisdom, insight, creativity, and talent which when tapped into and cultivated allow us to live more skillful, abundant lives.  Personal growth requires taking responsibility for life as it is and the willingness to commit unconditionally to the life you desire.  The intention of coaching is the transformation of this inherent wisdom into meaningful action in your life.

If you are curious about more fully integrating your practice into your daily life, please feel free to contact me below with questions.

All purchases are non-refundable and 
expire 2 years from date of purchase. 
Confirmed appointments cancelled 8 hrs in
advance will receive full credit. 
Confirmed appointments cancelled less than 8 hrs 
in advance will forfeit the session.* 

*emergencies and extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis - this IS yoga
after all.





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