My Story

When I came to the practice of yoga nearly fifteen years ago, I was stressed out, over-worked, and tortured by my overactive negative thinking patterns.  I did not feel good in my body and my mind wasn’t a particularly friendly place.
The practices of yoga and meditation have taught me I am stronger than I ever knew.  They have taught me to take responsibility for my body, my health, my actions and my mind.  Through meditation, I have learned my thoughts are not who I am, they are habits.
As a teacher, my intention is to help students find clarity of purpose, embrace their inner-wisdom and transform their insights into meaningful change in their lives.  My classes and programs are designed to foster physical and emotional well-being.  I am passionate about helping students build strength and flexibility, release tension, and unravel limiting beliefs; including conquering self-doubt and quieting negativity.
As a student and teacher, I believe in doing the work of this practice on and off my mat.  Having completed my 500 hour studies in 2015, I spent 2016 working with Rolf Gates in his mentorship and coaching programs where I committed to a life-changing daily meditation practice.  In 2017, I began The Skillful Living Project, a yogic life coaching service designed to help participants integrate the lessons of yoga, psychology, and their own innate wisdom into their everyday lives.
Currently, I work with collegiate athletic teams, private individuals, senior groups, corporate wellness and mindfulness programs, as well as teach workshops and public studio classes at Vibe Yoga Studio.