Individual and Small Group Sessions

Deepen your practice and receive individualized guidance with private yoga sessions. Traditionally, yoga was taught by a teacher to one student.  This unique relationship provided students with an experience meant only for them.
Working with students to customize their practice to their specific needs is a passion of mine.  Private work allows me to focus on you!  This collaborative work allows us to unpack what is going on in your body and address your needs.
Group classes provide much-needed community and support, but won’t address each person’s specific combination of tightness, flexibility, injury, mental state or goals.  Personal instruction will improve your experience of group classes, illuminate your strengths and individual needs, and provide practical tools for:
Creating a home yoga and meditation practice
Cultivating alignment
Recovering from injury
Gaining confidence
Meeting individual goals

Ready to get started?

Private Yoga Session (60 min)  $85

Private Yoga Session Package (5)  $425 $400

Duet Yoga Session (60 min)  $100

Duet Yoga Session Package (5)  $500  $450

Small Group Yoga Session (60 min)  $130

Small Group Yoga Session Package (5)  $650  $600

Purchase Session or Package*

*I will receive an email notification when you purchase a package and will contact you via email to schedule.  If you have questions or concerns prior to or after purchase, please feel free to contact me below.

All purchases are non-refundable and 
expire 2 years from date of purchase. 
Confirmed appointments cancelled 8 hrs in
advance will receive full credit. 
Confirmed appointments cancelled less than 8 hrs 
in advance will forfeit the session.* 

*emergencies and extenuating circumstances will naturally 
will be considered on a case by case basis - this IS yoga
after all.