Yoga Doesn’t Give A Shit!

Yoga doesn’t care if you can touch your toes. . .
bend your knees.
Yoga doesn’t care if you have read the Sutras chapter and verse. . .
you are welcome.
Yoga doesn’t care who Lulu or Lucy are or if your pants are vegetable dyed hemp. . .
you are not your clothes.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are having your best day or your worst. . .
any day is a good day to practice.
Yoga doesn’t care if you believe you are physically broken or emotionally bankrupt . . .
come as you are.
Yoga doesn’t care if your pants are see-through. . .
and they are, trust me.
Yoga doesn’t care if you speak English, French, Korean or Sanskrit. . .
just speak your own truth.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Aetheist, Agnostic. . .
as long as you walk in love.
Yoga doesn’t care if you think you are “all that”. . .
it will humble you.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are fat or skinny, tall or short, brown or white. . .
you are not your vessel.
Yoga doesn’t care if you do not believe in yourself. . .
it will show you the way.
Yoga doesn’t care if you’ve been a jerk your whole life. . .
it will reveal your inner light.
Yoga doesn’t care if you practice yin, Bhakti, Bikram, vinyasa. . .
this practice offers so much.
Yoga doesn’t care if you practice in the heat or cold, in a bed, on a cushion or in a chair. . .
it cannot be contained.
Yoga doesn’t care if you practice one limb or all eight. . .
you have to start somewhere.
Yoga doesn’t care if you can’t shut off your mind. . .
that is why it is called a practice.
Yoga doesn’t care about Chaturanga, Adho Mukha Vrksasana,
or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. . .
those asanas are the illusions to which we attach ourselves.

Yoga doesn’t give a shit. . .

you do.
Let go of judgment, labels and perfection. . .
simply practice.

Fearing Our Light. . .

Our ability to recognize our own power and light is NOBILITY.  The cultivation of this virtue teaches us to stop hiding behind our often self-imposed labels of inadequacy and self-doubt and rise with courage to serve ourselves and others.  
Nobility is the knowledge that our lives are a gift, we are all of value, we are blessed and we have a choice.  We can choose to excuse our inaction with tales of expectations, self-doubt and societal correctness or we can run towards those in need with the gifts we have to offer.
 We can choose FEAR.  
we can choose our LIGHT!
Choose the power of KINDNESS, HUMILITY, COMPASSION and offer your 


Integrating the Body and Mind by Cultivating Integrity!

Integrity is striving to bring together the fractured personality.

When cultivating the virtue of Integrity, think integration!  Examine your own behavior, thoughts, and speech.  Pay particular attention to any inconsistencies between what you say and what you actually do.  Note when your behavior is inconsistent with your beliefs.
 A person of integrity is living from a place of intention.  We often find ourselves reacting to situations out of habit or conditioning.  However, when we take the time to choose our thoughts, words and deeds carefully, we create a union between our bodies and minds.  We become whole.  We are trustworthy and honorable.




TENACIOUS D-etermination

Tenacity is the practice of persistent determination as we move towards fulfilling our intentions.  Once we choose a specific goal,  we must cultivate the patience and stamina to get up when we fall or refocus when we lose our way.
When exploring the virtue of tenacity, I struggled to find much in-depth writing from the yogic perspective.  The following quote is sourced from my original inspiration to work through the practice of the 18 Ities – Happinez magazine.  It reminds me of the importance of returning to my intentions.  When things get tough for me, when I feel myself grasping and clinging on for dear life – if I return to my intention ALL IS WELL.

Perseverance.  Life is a spiritual search and this search is not a straight, vertical line, it’s a winding road.  Dark patches, mountain roads, side-paths, crossroads where choices have to be made, getting lost, stumbling, getting back up again.  These aspects are all part of it.  This is where we learn to be tenacious.  What was the objective?  If we bear this in mind, we won’t easily let go.  Don’t be discouraged if something fails.  But more importantly: don’t be discouraged if you sometimes fail.  Hold on to who you are as well as who you want to be.

~ Happinez Magazine



A Week of Gratitude. . .

A Week Of Thanksgiving

Come practice gratitude with me Thanksgiving week!  Flow with grace, find your breath and practice stillness as we celebrate friends, family and our blessings.

Ready to cultivate gratitude?

Gratitude Scheduler

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