I love to cultivate simplicity in life by unplugging and taking a walk. When not distracted by busyness, the world opens up and you discover the elegance of life. Found this beauty on my last walk.
Cultivate simplicity.  There is elegance in simplicity.  In presenting our thoughts clearly, without embellishment, we invite honesty into our lives.  When we choose to not hide behind the complexity of busyness and distraction, we make space for deep connection in our lives.  When we drop behind the drama of our thoughts and projections, we can live with clarity and  intention.  Rather than being boring and plain, when we choose to embrace simplicity, our worlds open up and we become FREE!







The ity Project



How do we find peace and joy in our lives?  How do we live our fullest potential and not get swept up into the darkness and negativity that can sometimes seem to dominate our world today?  These are tough questions with seemingly no perfect answer.
Sri Swami Sivananda taught his students how to achieve this peace by using the Eighteen ities Song.  He believed when one focused upon and cultivated each of these “ities” or virtues, one could begin to transcend everyday things and find a deeper meaning in life.
The Eighteen Ities

Serenity, Regularity, absence of Vanity,

Sincerity, Simplicity, Varacity,

Equanimity, Fixity, non-Irritability,

Adaptability, Humility, Tenacity,

Integrity, Nobility, Magnanimity,

Charity, Generosity & Purity

The ity Project begins now.  For the next eighteen weeks, we will work to cultivate each of these virtues.  Follow along with this blog, my instagram, Facebook and Twitter to gain insights and inspirations each week.  Eighteen weeks from now, my hope is that you will feel better focused, more at peace, and closer to your true nature – just in time to move into 2016!