You Have All You Need

Look carefully and see the abundance in which you live.  Cultivate generosity in thoughts, words, and deeds.  Give with a warm heart.  Offer your gifts without thought of receiving.  When you feel a sense of lack or scarcity, give some more.  Allow generosity of Spirit to ripple into the new year.

What Do You Have To Give?

Our culture preaches fear of scarcity. We are told there is not enough and that we are not enough.  We are taught that having more means more.  Our success is measured by what we have, how much we can buy, even how much we can give.  As a result we tend to hoard resources and give less.
We live in abundance, but believe in scarcity.  Charity as a virtue requires us to cultivate a sense of abundance.   When we think of charity, we often think of it in terms of the money we are able to give.  And for many of us, this narrow definition can reinforce our sense of lack.  But charity is so much more.
Take time to recognize the gifts you have to give.  We can begin with the simplest gift of our full attention and presence.  We all have the same amount of time in our days.  We can choose to give our time in service of others.  It requires no money to give a compliment, a word of gratitude or a smile.   Charity is connecting to one another.
Continue cultivating a sense of abundance by knowing what is enough.  Most of us own more than we need by any standard.  Much of what we do have sits idle.  Give what is no longer of great use to those who are in need.
What are your passions and talents?  We all have them and we can all give through them.  Giving our time and talents to those in need costs little and means the world.  Where are the opportunities to use your God-given gifts in service of others?
It is a beautiful thing to acknowledge our gifts and to be grateful.  Charity means manifesting our gifts in service of those in need.  Charity doesn’t cost a penny.