You’re So Vain. . . You Probably Think This Is About You!


What do you consider beautiful?
 What is ugly?
 Can you see the perfection in imperfection,
or the illusion in external beauty?
Work to move past your limited views and perceptions.  
Cultivate your ability to see the beauty in all things. . . 
not simply joyful, happy and esthetically pleasing things,
but the dark, uncomfortable and traumatic things as well.


Vanity is not limited to our personal ideas of external beauty.  It is also our deeply connected to our ego. Anytime we are not our true selves, we succumb to vanity.  Anytime we try to portray ourselves as other, boast of our accomplishments, attach ourselves to praise, or even belittle ourselves – we are not being true to who we are.


The absence of vanity is the rising above our ego. It is humility.
Abandoning vanity is the recognition that everything IS NOT ABOUT US.
Abandoning vanity means we learn to not take things personally.
Cultivating an absence of vanity in our relationships requires us to stop competing, drop comparisons and listen to the good in what another is saying.
Abandoning vanity creates and nurtures space for love, compassion, sincerity and connectedness.


This week, notice the role vanity plays in your yoga practice.  Do you have to wear certain clothes to be comfortable?  Can you let go of comparisons to others or what you could do yesterday?  When you look in the mirrors, are you checking your alignment or how you look?  Observe what happens when you dislike a posture, a cue, or a song. . . realize this isn’t about “YOU”.


Yoga is about creating a deep connection to our true selves and seeing others for who they truly are – beyond vanity and illusion.

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