No Whining, Choose To Be Happy!


“No Whining, Choose To Be Happy!” is sort of our family motto.  It seems challenging at times doesn’t it?  Is happiness really a choice, rather than something we are blessed with?  I know whining is a choice.
I have a strong propensity to rant and rave when I am unhappy about something.  It feels good.  Sarcasm is in my blood and it feels great to lose my sh*t and go on a tirade.  But sarcastic rants aside, for years I was using negativity as a crutch.  It became a default state of mind and I needed it to stop.
Actions we perform over and over again, form paths in our minds.  They make impressions on our minds.  The more we perform an action or thought, habits are formed.  When those habits have created strong imprints in our minds, it becomes challenging to make changes.
These habits are called Samskaras in yoga.  Most commonly thought of as negative, we create positive Samskaras as well. Habits which alter our body chemistry,  become addictions.  When our thinking process is altered by habits, they become Samskaras.
My strong tendency to default to negativity became a negative Samskara.  Because this habit was so strong, I had much less mastery over my mind and thought process. Becoming aware of this tendency through yoga and meditation gave me the space to implement change.  Learning to choose the opposite has been a challenge.
It is possible to change.  An old dog can certainly learn new tricks.  The magic is in establishing a new habit pattern. I step on my mat regularly.  I observe my tendencies as often as I can.  I keep coming back to the breath and non-judgement.  I practice non-reaction when I slip into old tendencies.  The more I practice choosing to be happy, the easier it becomes to NOT WHINE!

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