Why Yoga Doesn’t Give a Shit and Neither Should You

One of the more rewarding aspects of writing is finding other inspirational writers and making connections. . .

Heather the Yoga Nerd

I found this inspirational poem on Facebook at the beginning of the year and it has not left my thoughts since. It was written by Samantha Eibling. You can find her blog here: http://namawhatyogablog.com/2014/12/26/yoga-doesnt-give-a-shit/

Yoga doesn’t give a shit…

By Samantha Eibling

Yoga doesn’t care if you can touch your toes. . .

bend your knees.

 Yoga doesn’t care if you have read the Sutras chapter and verse. . .

you are welcome.

 Yoga doesn’t care who Lulu or Lucy are or if your pants are vegetable dyed hemp. . .

you are not your clothes.

 Yoga doesn’t care if you are having your best day or your worst. . .

any day is a good day to practice.

 Yoga doesn’t care if you believe you are physically broken or emotionally bankrupt . . .

come as you are.

 Yoga doesn’t care if your pants are see-through. . .


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