There is NOTHING wrong with you!

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When I was younger, my husband and I worked different schedules. My days off were during the week. I remember sitting in our house and feeling dissatisfied with not being able to afford new furniture, decorations, clothes, etc. We were being good, working hard and paying off debt. It wasn’t always a pleasure to be responsible. I found that I would spend my days running errands and staying out of the house to avoid marinating in my discontent and to distract myself from feelings of lack.

Ultimately I lacked nothing –  I know that those were wonderful years! I had a supportive and loving husband, who was and is still my best friend, a great rental home in a hip neighborhood, and a good job that ultimately helped erradicate our debt.  We met some of the most fantastic people and built tremendous life-long friendships.  

The discontentment I felt during that time, was a waste. I now recognize that I filled my days with meaningless busyness to distract from learning to find peace and contentment with what I had and who I was. How much fuller could my world have been then if I had not pined away for material things and distractions?

Many years later, and a constantly deepening yoga practice has taught me that our task in yoga is to peel away at the many layers of discontent in which we have clothed ourselves. Do not mis-use your feelings of discontentment and lack, your desires for material things, or your need to perfect your body as motivation to change yourself from the outside.   Contentment and peace gradually come when we work to find the stillness that already exists within.


There is NOTHING wrong with you!


You have EVERYTHING you need!


Nothing you acquire,


Nothing you lose,


Nothing you “fix” on the outside


Will give you peace!


Sit quietly and listen.


Turn off the tv,


Close your laptop,


Put down your phone


And sit.


And then. . . Repeat!


Don’t Change a thing.



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