Keep the Change Please. . .

Oh fall! As I sit here staring out my window, there is a single branch of fading orange set against a backdrop of gray sky and even grayer bark. With muted desperation, I try to soak it in and truly appreciate this last show of color.


This season of change is my favorite. It is both brilliant and bittersweet. As the shocking colors of orange, yellow and red begin to light up the countryside, I know that it signals the plunge into months of cold, wet and gray days.


As warnings of the impending Polar Vortex once again leads the news, it is pretty easy to fall into despair. I can feel the resistance to the long winter and cold weather growing.  I can feel myself slip into the comradery of complaining about the weather.   Most of us welcome the transitions to spring, summer and fall, but the plunge into friged temperatures is a hard sell for many!


As much fun as communal complaining can be, notice the subtle shift that begins to happen.  The habit of resisting change can produce patterns in our minds, even our bodies.  The story we tell ourselves about winter being dismal, cold and miserable can work against us.  It sets a pattern of negative thoughts and associations that often changes our behavior.  But perhaps more importantly, when we resist change, when we define change as bad, we deprive ourselves of growth and transformation and set ourselves up for a boring existence.


So the challenge is to find the change you resist and work to flip your perspective.  Work to notice the advantages that come with the change. See the beauty in the transformation.  Embrace the opportunity for growth.  Afterall, without the long gray winter, spring would not seem so sweet.   Keep the change.







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