Welcome to Nama. . . What?

Earlier this week, I posted to Facebook that I intended to launch this blog by the end of the week.  It took a lot to push that button but I did it to essentially hold myself responsible for following through.  I am one of those people that continually analyzes the pros and cons of doing everything, thinking things out for a ridiculous amount of time and naturally coming up with very practical reasons of why something is probably not advisable.  Afterall, there is a good possibility based upon past experience, that I could stick my foot in my mouth, open myself up to criticism, or the more likely, fail to follow through. . . which often happens when no one else is holding my feet to the fire and the business of life overwhelms the goals of my practice.

This blog-asana is a continuation of my practice.  It is my attempt to relate the principles of yoga (as I understand them) in a useful and practical way.  I am not a professional writer or blogger – so this is also an exercise in learning as I go, hence the term “blog-asana”. Asana is to sit, some say it further means perspective.  Maybe we can even think of asana as “taking your seat as a teacher”.  If I have learned anything in life, I have learned that my need for being assured of not failing leads to stagnation and missing out on adventures in life. . . sometimes a LEAP OF FAITH starts with jumping into the unknown. So here goes. . .

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